Black Thread Agency was founded on a simple premise: enabling passionate people to produce memorable events.


As a culture marketing and events company, Black Thread assigns its core team of driven individuals to appropriate brands in order to build meaningful and purposeful experiences. With the demand for curated events growing larger and larger, more and more brands have expanded to include productions and gatherings aimed at engaging with some of the most exciting cultural movements of today. It’s Black Thread’s job to link brands with the people making it happen.

Black Thread serves as the connecting thread between the experimental and the established. By assigning staff to projects personalized around their passions, Black Thread is committed to building authentic experiences for all those involved, from participants to sponsors. We believe in the power of event curation, and the value it can add to both lives and a brand’s staying power. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the culture, Black Thread is dedicated to styling spaces and collectives to help create community and togetherness. 


With our team of creatives, Black Thread Agency conceives ideas tailored to the needs of our event partners and their respective audiences. Black Thread generates and pitches event ideas to brands we feel are on the cutting edge of cultural experiences. Pulling from our diverse and capable roster, we assign our staff to projects best suited to their talents. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, and we customize our teams to reflect each Black Thread team member’s passions, skill-set, and resume.


In addition to event conception, we are committed to managing each project through to completion. Black Thread manages each aspect of our jointly produced events to ensure they are executed in a truly authentic manner. With the support of our internal team, Black Thread also recommends a catered list of ideal partners and sponsors for corresponding events. By bolstering our event production with the help of local initiatives, Black Thread aims to serve as the liaison between brands and the audiences they seek to engage.